Who We Are?

BIOAGROTECNIA DEL PACÍFICO, is an agricultural company dedicated to cultivating and commercializing organic agave for industrial use in products such as agave honey, inulin and tequila.

What We Do?

We produce organic agave for industrial use. We apply 100% natural formulas that support sustainable processes and protect the environment and the natural development of the earth.



To produce high-quality organic agave using sustainable processes that protect the environment and ecosystems that coexist in our fields through water and soil stewardship. We completely avoid using chemical products as they degrade topsoil and block the plant’s natural development.


To position AGROTECNIA DEL PACÍFICO as the main producer and supplier of organic agave for tequila companies and producers of tequila, agave honey and inulin. To expand our portfolio of clients and provide for them by supplying high-quality organic agave.


Una historia de trabajo, dedicación y pasión para compartir y disfrutar.